LightForm Facilities - The University of Manchester

Electron Microscopy Centre

The Electron Microscopy Centre houses a suite of 22 electron microscopes, comprising 13 scanning electron microscopes, four dual beam focused ion beam microscopes (including one plasma focused ion beam) and five transmission electron microscopes.

Atomic resolution imaging and simultaneous chemical mapping are achievable with the FEI Titan G2 80-200 scanning transmission electron microscope and the centre also boasts a full suite of environmental cell and in situ testing capabilities.

Henry Royce Institute

Henry Royce Institute is the UK national centre for advanced materials, bringing together more than £330 million of facilities distributed across nine partner institutions. With its hub at The University of Manchester, the Royce exists to accelerate innovation of advanced materials and to support the commercialisation of research.

Manchester Beamlines at Diamond

The University of Manchester has joined forces with Diamond Light Source, the UK's national synchrotron science facility, to produce a world-class imaging facility.

This allows researchers in a wide range of fields to create high-quality 3D images of samples, including engineering components, biomaterials, fossils, organic materials and energy devices such as fuel cells.

Multidisciplinary Characterisation Facility

The MCF addresses industrial needs by providing the means to study materials at a range of scales under demanding environments as close as possible to those experienced in service. By providing forensic analysis of the failure of materials, the MCF facilitates acceleration of a range of new materials.

Services provided include multiscale imaging, correlative imaging and multi-dimensional imaging (towards 4D). As part of the Henry Royce Institute, all MCF equipment is accessible to academics and businesses, is TRAC-listed and is supported by expert technical teams.


LightForm Facilities – Imperial College London

Metal Forming and Materials Modelling

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London is well-equipped with experimental facilities for the manufacture, characterisation and testing of materials and the performance of formed components.