LightForm will build on our strong track record in outreach established through previous EPSRC programme grants (LATEST and LATEST2) to promote understanding of light metals and light metal forming in enabling key technologies such as low emissions transport, closed loop recycling, and digital manufacturing.

Recognising that outreach is most effective when the target audience is maximised, we work with a variety of outreach partners to deliver activities with LightForm focus, aiming to generate awareness, communicate research outcomes, encourage engagement and dialogue and disseminate knowledge.

We have developed materials for schools that are closely aligned to curriculum needs to ensure they are of maximum benefit to teachers. We run outreach events for schools, public, and industry. We also host major conferences (such as LightMAT 2019) to disseminate our work to the international community.

Examples of our outreach strategy for reaching our four key target audiences are summarised below: 

Researchers - Publications and presentations - Conference and workshop organization - Data standards and sharing

Industry - Industry focused workshops - Trade magazine publication - Professional standard code sharing

General Public - Science fairs and festivals - Local societies - Public events

Schools - Summer school events - Resources for teachers - Science fairs and festivals


2018 School Outreach Project

Material Selection in Design, is a teaching resource designed and developed by Cambridge University for schools and colleges, for ages 14-16 and 16-18.

Delivery of this project features a range of team activities and practical applications, in which to explore and develop critical thinking, with an extension topic for enthusiasts.


Major Events 2019

The LightForm team in collaboration with DGM and IWT Bremen are hosting LightMAT 2019, the 3rd International Conference on Light Materials – Science and Technology.

LightMAT 2019 will provide a comprehensive overview and new insight into the three most important light metals Aluminium, Magnesium and Titanium and their combinations.

This is the first time the conference will be held outside Germany. LightMAT brings together experts from industry and academia to share knowledge on light metal processing, structure, properties, and applications. The special topic for LightMAT 2019 will be light metal forming. LightMAT 2019 will be held at the Manchester Conference Centre from 5-7th November 2019. For full details, please go to the LightMAT Website