Associated LightForm Research Projects

    • Understanding EAC in wrought aerospace plate
    • Crystal plasticity of abnormal beta grain structures
    • Coupled-phase field crystal plasticity modelling of Ti forgings
    • Designing SCC resistant forging alloys
    • Phase field modelling of Al alloys
    • OAAM

LightForm PhD Projects

    • Effects of accelerated ageing of hybrid-hot formed aluminium automotive panels on corrosion resistance
    • Novel pre-age deform and re-age processing route for tailoring properties in AI alloys
    • Control of abnormal grain structures in Ti forgings
    • Slip localisation in forming high strength /warm AI forming of 7xxx alloys
    • Tailored properties in AI automotive body sheet with taper-rolled geometry
    • Generating forming limit curves at hot sheet forming conditions - Formability assessment for metallic sheet materials under hot stamping conditions
    • Low cost rolling of Mg-alloy sheets - A novel and cost effective method to manufacture Mg alloy sheets
    • Novel hot stamping of Ti alloy panel components - Development of novel hot stamping process of Ti alloy

Associated LightForm PhD Research Projects

    • Novel AI alloys for defence applications
    • EAC of new generation 7xxx Al-aerospace alloys: 4D imaging of initiation processes
    • The influence of combined oxidation and fatigue conditions on the endurance of Ti alloys
    • Atomistic simulation of hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms in 7xxx series AI alloys
    • Chemo-mechanical modelling of hydrogen diffusion and fracture in wrought 7xxx series AI alloys
    • The effect of microstructure on the ductility of Ti alloys
    • Development of novel corrosion testing methods for anticorrosion performance evaluation of treated light alloys