The end of the year is fast approaching and so a summary of the excellent work done this year was presented at the LightForm Research Showcase 2021 which took place online on 18th and 19th November. 

The showcase included many interesting talks about the cutting-edge research and was attended by students, academics from other universities, industrial partners, and members of the LightForm International Advisory Board. The showcase was split into three sessions: titanium alloys research, and aluminium alloys research, and computational modelling research, with each session being chaired by LightForm PDRAs.

For those that were unable to attend, we have recorded all presentations and the following discussions. Please see below for the list of talks and links to the videos. 

Titanium alloys research - Chair: Thomas Jailin

In-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction studies of hot titanium deformation (video) - Christopher Daniel

The texture evolution during hot rolling of Ti-6Al-4V (video) - Xiaohan Zeng

Heat Stamping of Ti-6Al-4V sheet (video) - Famin Tian

The effect of texture on the ductility of alpha-beta Ti alloys (video) - Wayne Heatman

Aluminium alloys research - Chair: Y. Xiong

Modelling dynamic precipitation in aluminium alloys (video) - Madeleine Bignon

Dynamic precipitation in pre-aged AA7075 during warm stretching (video) - Ziyu Ma

Development of biaxial testing for formability evaluation (video) - Victoria Yardley

Investigating and modelling the effect of prior deformation on creep age forming (video) - Kevin Tanswell

Computational modelling research - Chair: Madeleine Bignon

A novel integrated framework for reproducible formability predictions using virtual materials testing (video) - Thomas Jailin

Crystal plasticity modelling of formability in recycled 6xxx alloys (video) - Inigo Howe

Multilevel statistical modelling of texture evolution in BCC alloys (video) - Michael Atkinson

CALPHAD-informed phase field modelling of quench sensitivity in 7xxx alloys (video) - Yichao Yao