Upon completion of my PhD in October 2018, I started my career as a Materials Engineer at Innoval Technology, a technical consultancy to the global aluminium industry, working across all sectors supplying strategic support, developing new products and improving production processes.

Prior to starting in post at Innoval Technology, I studied at The University of Manchester, where I completed a Master’s Degree in Physics in 2014, then began my PhD with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Advanced Metallic Systems. The CDT provided a multidisciplinary training experience across the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester which are internationally recognised Centres of Excellence in metallic materials. My PhD focused on the effect of increased impurity elements on the precipitation of Cr-containing dispersoids in Al-Mg-Si alloys.

The unique opportunities provided by the Metallurgy Department at The University of Manchester throughout the course of my PhD, immensely enhanced my skillset and technical abilities.

I attended international conferences, completed a one month placement in a R&D laboratory in the United States with a global aluminium producer, and had access to a range of facilities, equipment and expertise to support my research including the Electron Microscopy Centre.

In addition to my research, I was fortunate to share my passion for materials science via the University science outreach programme, through activities with primary and secondary schools. The experience I gained from participating in and leading outreach activities, helped me understand the impact of science in the wider community, and the importance of promoting materials science to school children and the public. Highlights of outreach work included attending the Cheltenham Science Festival and developing and delivering a materials fun fair at a local Manchester primary school.

The encouraging learning environment provided at The University of Manchester and the continuous support provided by the LightForm Research Team, allowed me to excel in my research into aluminium alloys, which has led me directly into an exciting career working at the forefront of future aluminium technologies.