The LightForm research team had a strong presence at the Titanium World conference, which took place in Nantes, France, between the 10th and 14th of June. There were 9 presentations from researchers associated with LightForm , including two talks on the fatigue and creep behaviour of Ti834 and two talks on the additive manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V with in-process deformation. 

Nick Byres spoke about his research on understanding the origins of abnormal grain development in Ti-6Al-4V forgings. In a session with two other presentations on the same topic, Nick showed his detailed characterisation of the abnormal micro structure and new results showing the beta annealing behaviour in-situ using EBSD. Nick's project is sponsored by Airbus. 

João Fonseca presented results from Christopher Daniel's in-situ synchrotron work, which show tantalising evidence that phase transformation occurs during hot deformation in Ti-6Al-4V. This preliminary work opens the way to in-situ studies of forging using synchrotron X-ray diffraction, the data from which will be invaluable to the development of new models for texture prediction during forging of Ti alloys. (link to paper)

Associated PDRA Chi-Toan Nguyen presented results of the crystal plasticity modelling of hot uniaxial deformation of Ti-6Al-4V, which aimed to explain the strengthening of the cube fibre component. Chi-Toan's work, a collaboration between Manchester, Otto-Fuchs and Airbus, shows that both grain shape and interactions between the alpha a beta phase can play a role on the development of this undesired texture. (link to paper)

Pre-prints of the conference articles are available through the LightForm Zenodo community (link)