Dr Thomas Dorin

Thomas’s research focuses on the design of high performance aluminium alloys with a particular focus on microstructure characterisation which aims to understand and optimise the microstructure, and in particular the precipitates, in order to develop alloys with enhanced properties. 

Over the past few years Thomas has focused his research on the development of the use of scandium as an alloying addition in a range of aluminium alloys. 

Thomas was particularly interested to come and work with the renowned metals group at The University of Manchester for a range of reasons, to learn about modelling of microstructure development in alloys, particularly the precipitation kinetics, by collaborating with Prof Joseph Robson. 

Thomas’s current University of Manchester research is the effect of silicon on the formation of the strengthening Al3Sc precipitates to identify the significant impact that Si has on accelerating the formation kinetics of the Al3Sc precipitates.

Research it still on-going and will lead to multiple journal papers and continued collaboration with the researchers at The University of Manchester.

Thomas has found working and living in Manchester to be a great experience and he hopes to be able to return to a later stage in his career.