The LightForm Research Showcase took place on Tuesday 25 September 2018, at Cambridge University.

Our Research Team presented highlights of LightForm research to date, to an audience comprised of academics and students from Cambridge University, and the LightForm Steering Committee. 

The varied range of presentations included:

Michael Atkinson -The University of Manchester

Simulating strain path reversal using full-field crystal plasticity modelling

Kai Zhang - Imperial College London

Microstructure evolution in the thermal-mechanical behaviours of Mi alloys

Dr Jinghua Zheng - Imperial College London

Investigation of fast ageing method for AA6082

Dr Alex Cassell - The University of Manchester

Recent developments in the characterisation of AL alloy microstructures by electron microscopy - microchemistry in 7xxx Al alloys the non-uniform distribution of elements

Nick Byres - The University of Manchester   

Investigating grain size distribution abnormalities in Ti-6Al-4V

Dr Christopher Daniel - The University of Manchester

High temperature deformation micromechanics in dual-phase Ti alloys

Dr Hugh Shercliff & Dr. Patryk JÄ™drasiak - Cambridge University

Modelling of hot deformation testing

Dr Nicolas Gruel (assisted by Nick Byers) - The University of Manchester

LightForm data management and data sharing application