In November, Swerim AB organised a seminar honouring Professor Bevis Hutchison and his scientific contributions in Stockholm, Sweden. Bevis is an internationally renowned metallurgist, particularly well known for his work on steel and texture, but is influential in other areas too. He is also a longtime supporter of the light alloys research group in Manchester, and friend of LightForm.  

The seminar brought together several outstanding speakers to talk about historical and recent work on steel metallurgy, texture and recrystallization, whose talks made clear what a colossal contribution Bevis has made to our field. LightForm was represented by Professor João Fonseca, who presented a selection of the titanium and magnesium research work being carried out in LightForm. Although Bevis is reaching retirement age, we were delighted to hear that he plans to continue to conduct research and write. We are glad we can look forward to continuing to meet him at conferences and learn from his work.