Dr Patryk Jedrasiak completed an MPhil in Engineering and a PhD in numerical modelling of friction welding at the University of Cambridge, where he is now a Research Associate. Patryk’s research experience includes a fellowship at Harvard University, focusing on a novel Eulerian numerical method for simulating elastoplastic solids, 3 years part-time at the industrial sponsor of his PhD, The Welding Institute, as well as undergraduate research placements at Imperial College London and fka Aachen (part of RWTH Aachen). Patryk has also completed internships with Centro Ricerche Fiat, McKinsey & Co., and NATO, working on major engineering challenges: electric vehicles, energy strategy and autonomous systems. Patryk’s work with LightForm focuses on microstructure-informed, computationally efficient thermomechanical finite element modelling of innovative forming processes, for light alloys.