Prof Sarah Haigh is Professor of Materials Characterisation in the School of Materials at The University of Manchester. Sarah is the Director of Manchester’s Electron Microscopy Centre (EMC), the largest such facility in the UK which includes 5 transmission electron microscopes (TEM), 14 scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and 5 focussed ion beam SEMs.

Prior to coming to Manchester, Sarah completed her MEng and PhD degrees in Material Science at the University of Oxford, after which she worked for JEOL UK as a consultant applications specialist.

Sarah's current research focusses on solving materials problems by developing advanced electron microscopy techniques. She has a particular interest in in-situ methodologies where materials and processes are studied under more realistic environmental conditions (in liquids or gases, when subjected to heating cooling, biasing or mechanical stress). In LightForm Sarah's role is to apply these cutting edge electron microscopy techniques to aid the development of light weight alloys for a range of applications.

Research profile