In September LightForm hosted a hybrid MatFlow workshop which was intended to give support and guidance through specially curated exercises for both new and existing users of the system. MatFlow is an open-source, cross-platform Python package for designing, running, and sharing reproducible hybrid computational workflows in materials science. Through its extension ecosystem, MatFlow can integrate with arbitrary open-source and proprietary materials science codes to form cohesive workflows.

The workshop began with a walk-through the installation and configuration of MatFlow on both high-performance clusters and local machines. Following that key workflow concepts such as tasks, elements, groups, and loops were introduced. With this knowledge some typical applications of MatFlow were demonstrated including sensitivity studies, convergence testing, and yield function and single-crystal parameter fitting using crystal plasticity simulations. The workshop ended with a discussion around the ways in which MatFlow can be extended by the materials community to integrate with new software to further improve its utility. 

The day-long workshop was attended by 47 participants with individuals participating in-person and online. Several attendees expressed satisfaction in the content and clarity of the session which was curated and presented by Dr. Adam Plowman.