Sakina has completed an MSc in Advanced Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London and a BEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Liverpool. Sakina has recently joined the Advanced Metallic System Centre for Doctoral Training and is studying for a PhD at the University of Manchester. The aim of her PhD project will be to investigate how modelling changes in composition and microstructure affect the susceptibility of Ni-based superalloys to environmentally assisted cracking (EAC). She will couple available phase-field models for oxygen diffusion and oxide formation with crystal plasticity models for high-temperature inelastic deformation. Thermodynamic databases, high-temperature mechanical testing data and microstructure characterisation will be available from collaborating research projects in order to determine model parameters and apply the modelling approach to engineering alloys of interest. The detailed and systematic understanding of EAC mechanisms will then be used by Rolls-Royce, in collaboration with universities such as Cambridge University, Imperial College London and Birmingham University to guide alloy development.