The Forming limit diagram (FLD), which represents the limit strains for a material deformed under the different strain states from uniaxial tension over plane-strain tension to biaxial tension, is one of the most significant tools to evaluate the formability of the material. Although several standardised methods, such as Nakajima test and Marciniak test, have been widely used for formability determination for metallic sheets at isothermal conditions, it is still challenging to determine FLDs for metallic sheets under hot stamping conditions due to the complex temperature history. The project aims to determine the FLDs for metallic sheets of boron steel and aluminium alloys under hot stamping conditions by adopting a novel in-plane multi-axial apparatus which is used on a Gleeble 3800. Based on the previous and current research, it has been found that the temperature profile of hot stamping conditions can be realised accurately and the FLDs of aluminium alloys 6082 under hot stamping conditions can be obtained. Now the research is focusing on the determination of FLDs for boron steel under hot stamping conditions and the method to create a uniform temperature distribution in gauge region of cruciform specimens.